• Peter Moore (from google review)

  • Being at my wits end with my joint problems due to small autoimmune disease that causes my joints to scar and freeze; life was getting to be difficult with my inability to bend to tie my shoes and put on shirts without shoulder pain. As a last resort I finally decided to give Acupuncture a try.

    I am so fortunate to have found Wendy and her services. On the first treatment she helped me regain movement in my left hip that had frozen due to injury for 15 years. She also started treatment on my right frozen shoulder and an area in my back that was permanently spasm protecting a fracture from when I was a child. My shoulder responded in 3 treatments and has me thinking of going back to professional tennis coaching. It took a little longer to get "The Brick" as she calls it out of my back. My back was so stiff she did not think she could be of any help. But she did it...She got the permanent back spasm to subside.

    Eternally grateful for finding Wendy and her clinic. I recommend if you have pains, do not wait to find Wendy. She can seriously change your life.

  • Joe Inocando (from google review)

  • I would highly recommend Acupuncture Herbs and Beyond. Facility is clean and enough parking. Wendy really knows how what she’s doing, I was skeptical at first, during first session, but after I told her about my back pain issues. I feel so much better after I was treated. I will come back again for my next acupuncture .

  • Dennis Chan (from google review)

  • I was curious about the effects of acupuncture. Before I went I had chronic neck and back pain. After one session, she was able to get rid off these problems. After I described the problems to her, she was able to identify it and immediately fix it. The relief that I felt was immense. I felt like a 100-pound weight just came off my shoulders. Overall she is very kind, helpful and approachable. This acupuncture clinic is one that I would definitely recommend.

  • Tatyana Shulman (from google review)

  • I am 72 years old. I used to have very painful joint. Doctors recommended me to take steroids.I decided to come to Wendy in acupuncture herbs and beyond for acupuncture treatment. Since then, I don't have pain at all and I don't take any medication. I also took thyroid medication for the past 3 years. Since I have acupuncture with Wendy, my thyroid is normal and my physician is surprised and took me away from medication. I used to have sleeping problem. My sleep is way better than before as well since acupuncture. I highly recommend people who have problems that traditional medicine cannot solve to try acupunature.

  • Xujing D. (from Yelp review)

  • My 83 years old Mom got shingles last December, though she was able to take anti-virus prescription medicine within 48 hours after the rash developed, the rash expanded very fast to her entire legs and bottoms, and the severer nerve pain she suffered got worse each day. It was very scary to us and the doctor said it could take a few weeks before it gets better, for many patients, especially for the elderly, the lingering pain could last for months or even years. So we decided to try acupuncture with Dr. Li, as we heard/learned that's probably the most effective treatment to stop shingle nerve pain. We prepared for a lengthy treatment when we started acupuncture with Dr. Li. At the first treatment, in addition to acupuncture, Dr. Li also applied some external medicine on the rashes. The rash blisters quickly dried in the next couple of days. My mom said the pain eased a little it and the burning pain stroke less frequently. On the third day, we had the second treatment with Dr. Li. It was UNBELIEAVABLE that my Mom said that though she still felt pain on the way home, the pain was almost gone at the night! The next day she woke up pain free!!! That's a miracle!! We didn't expect that acupuncture could work so fast and I talked to some friends who have family members treated shingles with other acupuncture doctors, none of them totally got rid of shingles pain in just TWO treatments! Even a high school friend of mine in China, whose mother also got shingles earlier last year, told me that her mother was treated with the very experienced acupuncture doctor in China and was recovered after a few month. Thank you so much Dr. Li for your highly skilled, precise acupuncture treatment! I could not imagine otherwise how much my 83-year-old Mom would suffer. For anyone who seeks treatment on shingles or other areas with acupuncture, I highly recommend Dr. Li.---1/28/2018

  • Michael H.

  • Wendi is very professional and comfortable to work with. I have wanted to try acupuncture for a long time and now I wonder why I waited. ---1/18/2018

  • Nefertiti F.

  • Very pleased with the results. Service went far beyond expectations. Going back for another session at the end of this month. ---12/7/2017

  • MaryLou B.

  • Great staff! Very friendly and knowledgeable. WOuld definitely go back again. ---3/21/2017

  • Ria F.

  • Wendy is a very professional and attentive to learn the entire condition of my body. What I like from her is that she has a goal to cure my numb finger. After one treatment, it felt so much better. I am looking forward for complete healing. Thank you, Wendy! ---1/9/2017

  • Andrew R.

  • My shoulders, neck, and back feel great afterwards. I don't know the last time I felt this loose. ---11/12/2016

  • Angela M.

  • The owner was very nice. I needed a late appointment and she accomodated me and my husband. ---8/20/2016

  • Margherita D.

  • It was relaxing and good for my back pain. She is also very nice and sweet. She really took care of me, asking me several things. Better than some doctors! ---3/8/2016

  • Kindra S.

  • Wendy is thorough, caring, talented. Acupuncture can be uncomfortable to be effective for some ailments. Tell her your priorities, concerns. She is very adaptable! Have had 6 treatments & will continue. Am sleeping thru the night for 1st time in mos. ---6/1/2016