Individual Treatments
New Patient Acupuncture $140
Followup Acupuncture $110
Herbal Rx $40
Cupping $45
Gua Sha $45
Anti-Aging R&R $130
INSURANCE INFORMATION: For patients with acupuncture covered by medical insurance, patients only need to pay their copay at the time of treatment.

Package Plans Available

BIG Savings, no extra cost for cupping, moxa etc.

  • One-time Session
  • New patient acupuncture: $140
  • Follow-up acupuncture: $110
  • Herbal prescription fee: $40
  • Acupuncture + Herbal prescription: $120

per Session

$ 110

  • Package of 5
  • No extra cost for first time visit
  • $100 for each acupuncture session
  • Herbal prescription fe: $20
  • Herbs cost is not included

per package

$ 500

  • Membership
  • Includes 1 session per month
  • $85 for each additional session
  • Roll over up to 6 sessions
  • Herbal prescription fee: $15

per year

$ 1080

Longevity Annual Memberships Available  
Preserve your Health and your Wealth

Acupuncture Herbs and Beyond requires a debit card or credit card on file as well as a signed financial agreement for all Package Plans and Annual Memberships.

Heal your body & mind naturally

In situations where disharmony is manifested, the primary goal is to restore balance by using acupuncture needles; herbal remedies; and lifestyle modifications that address dietary excesses/deficiencies, exercise requirements, balancing work and relaxation, problematic relationships, and identifying stress and making positive changes to decrease it. We heal the Whole person naturally without invasive procedures or harmful drugs.