Package Plans Available

BIG Savings, no extra cost for cupping, moxa etc.

  • One-time Session
  • New patient acupuncture: $140
  • Follow-up acupuncture: $110
  • Herbal prescription fee: $60
  • Acupuncture + Herbal prescription: $120

per Session

$ 110

  • Package of 5
  • No extra cost for first time visit
  • $100 for each acupuncture session
  • Herbal prescription fee: $20
  • Herbs cost is not included

per package

$ 500

Longevity Annual Memberships Available  
Preserve your Health and your Wealth

Acupuncture Herbs and Beyond requires a debit card or credit card on file as well as a signed financial agreement for all Package Plans and Annual Memberships.

Heal your body & mind naturally

In situations where disharmony is manifested, the primary goal is to restore balance by using acupuncture needles; herbal remedies; and lifestyle modifications that address dietary excesses/deficiencies, exercise requirements, balancing work and relaxation, problematic relationships, and identifying stress and making positive changes to decrease it. We heal the Whole person naturally without invasive procedures or harmful drugs.