Insurance Coverage

We accept most insurance, if your insurance policy covers acupuncture. Give your insurance company a call and ask them the following questions:

1) Does my insurance policy cover acupuncture treatment? If yes, it is for in-network or out-of-network healthcare providers?
2) What is the copay for the acupuncture treatment visit for in-network and out-of-network?
3) Any treatment limits for a year?
4) Any medical condition limits to qualify for acupuncture treatment?
5) What is my deductibles and how far for me to meet the deductible?

Once you get these questions answered by your insurance company, give us a call at 508-314-7089 to make an appointment.

Even if your insurance company does not cover acupuncture, we still suggest you to start acupuncture treatments given the following reasons:

1) Your body cries for tune up. Study shows that many conditions benefit from acupuncture and it boosts your general health economically; (
2) You can spend your flexible spending account (FSA) money on acupuncture treatments